Dries van Oosten

  • Sings lead vocals and plays guitar
  • Listens to Green Lizard, Alice in Chains, Satanic Surfers, Tusky & System of a Down
  • Hipster woodworker
  • Builds his own guitars/gear

Chris van Klooster

  • Plays lead guitar and sings backing vocals
  • Listens to Dream theater, Avantasia, Iron Maiden, Nocturnal Rites
  • Allround Hardrocker
  • Plays Bo-El guitars

Robert Rigter

  • Plays bassguitar
  • Listens to Audrey Horne, Mustasch, Slayer & The Exploited
  • Outlaw rocker
  • Plays Fender P-bass & selfbuilt basses

Dick van der Haven

  • Plays drums
  • Listens to The Exploited, Dissection, Foo Fighters and much more
  • Taylor Hawkins wannabe
  • Uses gear by Paiste, Remo & Premier